Some things.

This is a sketch of Annie I did from a picture. It's really blurry because I used my phone to take the picture.

This is Quinton, one of the models for our figure drawing class. I love drawing him, not going to lie.

Some legs.
I don't remember this girls name but she is definitely my favorite model

This was for my Illustration 1 class. I got a C- on this assignment. Apparantly it didn't look enough like the picture. Whatever.


Okay, so a story about this one. The first version I did in about 6 hours or so. I was just about finished (This was on Sunday) when I guess I somehow saved over it. Anyway, I spent forever looking for it, Viktor called Adobe, and blah blah. It couldn't be recovered.

So after a couple of days of pure anger and resentment towards this assignment, I started it over again to find out that it turned out better than the first one.

It's either going to be titled:
"There Goes Another One"
"Die Trying"

The right hand side looks a little weird. that black strick and the end of that cloud aren't supposed to be there.


So this is my first time using this blog thing. It's about time. I think my entire family is on here.

Anyway. I'll post pieces that I finish, and other art on here for people to see.