Stuff for work.

Turns out I'm NOT done with William Wilson.
Here's something.


Richard III

This is the start of my final for my special problems class. It's a book jacket for Shakespeare's Richard III.
I based the entire thing around one line, which to me, ties the entire play together. It is "Let me weigh heavy on thy soul to-morrow."
He is in his tent the night before battle, and all the ghosts of everybody he has killed or had murdered come back to haunt him, and they all say that line. To me, it is the point in the play when he sees that he has lost his humanity.

This is just the beginning. I'll have more ghosts swirling around him, suffocating him.

Oh, and thanks to Joseph for the hand in the hair idea.


Finished War of the Worlds

Just so you know, that thing that looks like a cigar coming out of its head, is not a cigar, but part of its leg.

I think this is finished for now. Now I get to start on the 100 or so other pieces that are part of this same project!



War of the Worlds

It took me long enough to figure out the style I wanted for this project. This is just the title page, and it's definitely NOT finished. But you get the idea.


Mary the Modern Day Medusa

I took this with the camera on my phone, so the colors are wonky. It is in prismacolor pencils.
The piece about the girl with the living hair is going well. So far I only have half of it started. I have her face, her hair, and her hand. On the right side I will be finishing the freak show tent and the posters on the fence. Her parents died when she was young, and her cruel uncle was her only living relative. He was greedy, and put her his freak show because her hair could move and think on its own.
In this she is escaping.


Some more monster!

In my free time, I've been working on this monster. It's a bit more finished now.


Some Art!

For one of my classes we're doing character design. I started out with the idea of a girl whose hair has a mind of it's own, and it gets her in trouble and just causes a whole mess of things. My first idea turned out nicely, but I wasn't satisfied, there was no depth to it. So, I decided that she would be a 15 year old orphan with living hair, in 1900....at a freak show. Which was awesome, because I got to research freak shows. They're pretty sad, and creepy. Anyway, so her freak show name is Mary, the Modern-aged Medusa.

So, here are my ideas for her so far, and the last one in pencil is my final one. These are in order from the very first idea i drew, to the last.


some art!

Here is the finished piece for my Narrative Illustration class. Rudy Gutierrez came to review them, and I think I got a positive response to mine. It didn't quite follow the assignment directly but he liked it. I'm pretty pleased with it at well.

An alien for war of the worlds for work:

It's not near being finished but here's what I have so far.


Seven Images

I've done seven images in all. I plan on doing about 10. There are a few gaps here and there where there aren't any illustrations for parts of the story. If you want to read the full story go HERE.
It's a bit lengthy, but it's good.
Here is the story in illustrations thus far: (Read from left to right, across)

Note: POO. Some of them look icky if you are on a PC. They look much better on my computer...I'll try to fix this.


More William Wilson

I decided that there was too much blood in the last one to be acceptable at BYU. They're really strict with stuff like that. So, here's my BYU version, which I think I'm liking better.

I added splatter marks........So I guess there's more blood now. But it's more subtle. I mean, the guy just got violently stabbed to death by his double. I got carried away though. I made the mirror look cracked, and I added blood and a big streak leading to the ground from the crack. Like he slammed his head into the glass.

But I removed that. I just wanted to see how it would look.

Update: I also finished this one. It's still in its beginning stages, but I am liking how it is turning out.

This is before he kills his doppelganger, and after he humiliates this guy while gambling. His double comes into the room and whispers stuff to him.



Some things that happened recently:

1. I took a shower using the hose
2. Everyone has the pukes
3. Huge Shelob-sized spiders are gone....for now

Update: The spiders are back.


Goodman Brown, and his wife, Faith when they are told to look at each other before they are baptized with blood. The colors are a bit weird in the web image. Usually it's darker.
Not done yet, either. I still need to add a guy in the background with the blood on his hand.


Goodman Brown

Did some more stuff at work today. Three of them are older, an I just revised them, and two are newer. They are going in order of where they are in the story Young Goodman Brown. I haven't added the people yet.

Did some more stuff at work today. Three of them are older, an I just revised them, and two are newer. They are going in order of where they are in the story Young Goodman Brown. I haven't added the people yet.