The beginnings of Ella Enchanted

For class we are illustrating a story of our choice. I chose Ella Enchanted, since I read that book about 50 times when I was younger, and a good amount when I was older, too. I have to do 9 total. Here are three of them.

In the second one, the blank space will have text. The eye bugs me in the third one.


Tripod attack #1!!!

I did this at work today. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Feedback welcome.


Cylinder crash

This is when the cylinder crashes at the farm in Grover's Mill (Radio broadcast)
Thanks to Brian for help with the smoldering blue stuff.


Some art (Finally)

I realize I haven't updated much, besides what I've done at work. So, here is something from my sketchbook.

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds. This is one of the illustrations in the series. Not finished yet.


William Wilson

Here is the image that will be on the title page for William Wilson.