This is a drawing of one of the main characters from the graphic novel bfa project thing. I should really give it a name, huh. 

Anyway. Her name is Flora (surname to be decided). She was born in 1925 in Liverpool, England. 


BFA Project: Graphic Novel


I'm feeling amazing. A couple weeks ago in my Business of Illustration class we presented our portfolios and helped each other decide which area of Illustration we would fit best into. I showed mine to the class, and we decided that it is definitely not children's book material, but could possibly fit into young adult novels, which is a small market. I explained that my work tends to focus on darker themes and that I tend to develop elaborate backstories to all my pieces.

So then my teacher said "What about graphic novels?" The class agreed.

Wow. I had never even thought of that!

So, today I spoke with m BFA advisor, and discussed my current plans on doing "Modernizing the Myth" as my final project. I was planning on doing 2 modernized myths from each of the Celtic Nations. But then I told her about the class discussion about how I want to do graphic novels someday, and she suggested that I just change my project to completing my own graphic novel and then sending it in to be published. The idea intimidates me, especially because of those people I know (coughJakeWyattcough) who are so incredible with it.

It intimidates me, and that is why I decided to do it.  I'm starting a graphic novel. It's still going to be a modernized version of a celtic myth. I'm planning on doing a WWII-era retelling of the 4th branch of the Mabinogion.  I'll be keeping you updated on my progress and the re-telling of the story as I complete this project. It will be on display in March. I'm pretty excited...

On another topic, here are some drawings I did in Wales this summer. This way, this post isn't just purely text and rambling, and it's sorta related because of Wales.

Here are some bits of Chepstow Castle I drew:

On the same topic (Chepstow Castle being the nearest to J.K. Rowling's childhood home) here are some drawings of Harry Potter characters. After seeing the movie, I decided to read the book. I couldn't get Daniel Radcliffe's stupid face out of my head so I decided to redraw the characters I wanted to imagine differently. Obviously I didn't draw a Harry Potter that I liked. So here are some others.

Notice how Ginny Weasley doesn't look like this anymore:

Here are some airport people I drew at Heathrow after spending the night sleeping on top of my luggage trolley. I showed these to my friend Griffin and he pointed to the girl with the writing on her bum and said "Bare butt!" Hahaha. Oh man.