Some sketchbook items

Some crap from my sketchbook

Winter 09

I'm finally putting up some stuff from this last semester. The Ella ones are continued from this post: http://hannahs-art.blogspot.com/2009/02/beginnings-of-ella-enchanted.html

Ella when she is breaking the curse. Spot Illustration.

Stealing Hattie's wig at finishing school.

Char finding out who "Lela" really is.


This was for an article about growing your own organs.

I don't remember what this was for...

This was for an article called "Where is Global Warming?"

This was for an article about social anxiety.


more English 374

I finished up all the banners today. here are the remaining 4 that I did today.


English 374

This is the course I am currently working on for work. I only have one more Unit to go, and then I'm done, and I go to Wales!

It's about British Romantic Poets....though, they are looking a bit weird now that they are uploaded. Usually the illustrations are a little more crisp looking than this.



So I downloaded an app to update my blog from my itouch and I am just testing it. I want to be able to blog a bit when I am in Wales.

-- Post From My iPhone



This is for a course about British Literature, the Romantic Poetry Era, etc....
This is about the only thing I've done for this course so far. I want the whole course to have this kind of style.