Winter 09

I'm finally putting up some stuff from this last semester. The Ella ones are continued from this post: http://hannahs-art.blogspot.com/2009/02/beginnings-of-ella-enchanted.html

Ella when she is breaking the curse. Spot Illustration.

Stealing Hattie's wig at finishing school.

Char finding out who "Lela" really is.


This was for an article about growing your own organs.

I don't remember what this was for...

This was for an article called "Where is Global Warming?"

This was for an article about social anxiety.


Erika said...

The last one looks like Colin Meloy, I've always thought that. Also, I love the Ella Enchanted ones.

Rachel said...

My favorite is the Ella stealing Hattie's wig. So cool!