I've revised this a bit since last time. I made the wings on the dragonfly look better. I like it much better, and I'm going to keep it like this for the final.

There are other bits of it that I still want to spend a lot more time on sometime, but it will probably need to wait until Christmas break.

Also, there will be a HUGE update coming your way when finals end. :D


The Crylics Album Cover - ALMOST FINISHED

I've been working on an album cover for my boyfriend's band The Crylics' album Ghost Surf. I've really loved doing this, even though its taken me forever and school has kept taking the priority.
But now, I'm almost finished. Usually when I say almost finished, I never actually mean ALMOST. I just say that. But this is for real.

All I need to do is:
- add a little person wiped out next to surfboard
- make surfboard look better, instead of like a slice of dill pickle
-add some words to the sign "Danger: Ghost surf"
- possibly make sign bigger...something about it feels off right now
- fix the little details.
- up the contrast, so the beach doesn't all blend together with the ocean

That is, until the feedback comes back from the band.

Another reason I love this so much is because it also can count as one of my assignments for my art class I'm in right now. :D


Boyfriend site!

Hey everyone, please go check out my boyfriend's new design site! He's an incredible designer.

Sean Juarez Design


Amber Spyglass!

This, I thought, was due today, so I spent the last two days trying to finish it. Turns out nothing is due until the end of the semester! Oh well, I got it done, so I don't have to worry about it later. Actually, that was a lie. It's not done. Not even close to where I want it.

This is just a work in progress. I want to make the dead people greener and creepier, so Will and Lyra really stand out as being the only people there who are alive and warm. Also, I need to work on the wings of the harpies and also the dragonflies.

But, for only having two days to do this, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

This is the bit in the Amber Spyglass where they go into the world of the dead to find Roger, and others.

Goal: make Will and Lyra look less stoned.


Last of Sketchbook (august 21- september 25)

Here are the last few pages of the sketchbook I just finished. I beat a record! I filled up a sketchbook in a little over a month. Wow. I just love watercolor Moleskines. I searched everywhere on campus for a new one to replace this one, but I could only find one of the wee pocket ones. Thank goodness for online shopping!


STILL unfinished

Hey everyone. Here's that one painting I was working on that I posted on here a while ago: Click here to see the previous version. Pretty huge difference, eh? The face is definitely more menacing than before, which is exactly what I wanted it to look like. Thanks, Boyfriend for helping with that. :)

It's STILL unfinished though. All I really need to do is make the cat look like a real cat instead of a stuffed animal cat. Other than that, I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm beginning to really love digital.

This is from Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife. It's in the very beginning of the book when Will is trying to guard the green envelope full of stuff about his father.



Here's the second from His Dark Materials series. It's from the very beginning of The Subtle Knife. It's totally NOT done yet (as you can see by the pure white faceless cat in the left bottom corner) but it will be soon. So here's my work in progress!



I sent this into Tee Fury today. Hope someone is interested. If not, then it's on to Threadless.


Some logos

This first one is for my best friends and their floral business. I got really into it, and finished a bunch of other stuff for it too.

The next one is an idea I have for Erika's blog, cause she asked me to make her a logo and make her blog look pretty. Hopefully she'll like it. :)


Some really old art for everyone to see.

Hey! I was looking through my hard drive (named Mr. Terabyte) and I came across some really old art that I never posted on here. I think I've even lost the originals to most of these. Actually, I'm pretty sure two of them are with my ex-boyfriend, who may or may not wish my death.

I sort of miss this kind of stuff. I've moved so much towards realism....except not too much, compared to others in my classes. But still, sometimes I miss not being able to draw humans, so I could just draw robots and monsters all the time.


Sketchbook updates.

Here are some pages from my sketchbook! I have put the ones to do with The Golden Compass in the entry below this one, so check 'em out.


The Golden Compass

I'm illustrating His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. This is my attempt at proving to myself that I can be a self-motivated Illustrator. So far, so good. Here's the first one. I'm liking it.

What it needs is a little more detail in Oxford, and maybe the animals.

Here are a couple of the thumnails/ideas/crap I did before the final one.


Out of Class #3- Rose at Tintern

This is Rose at Tintern Abbey. Okay, so she didn't really go there, but I wish I could have flown her to Wales and back to take the picture.
I like this a lot, although there are some things I would fix. There's not much of a story going on. Also, I need to get more detailed on some of the stonework. But otherwise, I think the stonework is coming along nicely.

In-class 3, studies 4 and 5

Here are the other two studies I did of Rose. She wore different dresses from her own vintage collection, which made me really excited to paint. Each one of the ones I did of Rose looks a little bit different than how she actually looks, but I think I captured certain parts of her well with each one.
Also, she wasn't actually holding a bloody dagger, nor was she covered in blood. Hahaha, I'm sure you probably gathered that.