Some more monster!

In my free time, I've been working on this monster. It's a bit more finished now.


Some Art!

For one of my classes we're doing character design. I started out with the idea of a girl whose hair has a mind of it's own, and it gets her in trouble and just causes a whole mess of things. My first idea turned out nicely, but I wasn't satisfied, there was no depth to it. So, I decided that she would be a 15 year old orphan with living hair, in 1900....at a freak show. Which was awesome, because I got to research freak shows. They're pretty sad, and creepy. Anyway, so her freak show name is Mary, the Modern-aged Medusa.

So, here are my ideas for her so far, and the last one in pencil is my final one. These are in order from the very first idea i drew, to the last.