Out of Class #3- Rose at Tintern

This is Rose at Tintern Abbey. Okay, so she didn't really go there, but I wish I could have flown her to Wales and back to take the picture.
I like this a lot, although there are some things I would fix. There's not much of a story going on. Also, I need to get more detailed on some of the stonework. But otherwise, I think the stonework is coming along nicely.

In-class 3, studies 4 and 5

Here are the other two studies I did of Rose. She wore different dresses from her own vintage collection, which made me really excited to paint. Each one of the ones I did of Rose looks a little bit different than how she actually looks, but I think I captured certain parts of her well with each one.
Also, she wasn't actually holding a bloody dagger, nor was she covered in blood. Hahaha, I'm sure you probably gathered that.

In-class study 1 and 2

I WISH I remembered these models names! Anyway, The first one of the girl with blond hair was done in January, the next one in February and March.

I don't like the blond girl's hands. They look...creepy. Like big baby hands.



I did this for a training module for work that we didn't end up using. I liked it though, so I'm posting it.


Rose Studies

This model was named Rose Hopper. She was one of my favorite models ever. I did 5 studies total, but here are only three of them. I scanned in the other two but forgot to email them to myself. Sucks, because the two I forgot are my favorite.

Girl in Tree

This was done for my Senior Illustration Studio 2 class. There used to be more trees to the left, with a bonfire peeking out of the forest. But I didn't like it, so I cropped it. :)

I wish I could remember this model's name.