I've revised this a bit since last time. I made the wings on the dragonfly look better. I like it much better, and I'm going to keep it like this for the final.

There are other bits of it that I still want to spend a lot more time on sometime, but it will probably need to wait until Christmas break.

Also, there will be a HUGE update coming your way when finals end. :D


The Crylics Album Cover - ALMOST FINISHED

I've been working on an album cover for my boyfriend's band The Crylics' album Ghost Surf. I've really loved doing this, even though its taken me forever and school has kept taking the priority.
But now, I'm almost finished. Usually when I say almost finished, I never actually mean ALMOST. I just say that. But this is for real.

All I need to do is:
- add a little person wiped out next to surfboard
- make surfboard look better, instead of like a slice of dill pickle
-add some words to the sign "Danger: Ghost surf"
- possibly make sign bigger...something about it feels off right now
- fix the little details.
- up the contrast, so the beach doesn't all blend together with the ocean

That is, until the feedback comes back from the band.

Another reason I love this so much is because it also can count as one of my assignments for my art class I'm in right now. :D