Ys in Steps

< Here are my layers.              ^That's my palette.

First I did the background using THESE BRUSHES found at Bittbox. The best site in the world.

Then I scanned in my original linework (done with a dip pen) and put it on top of the background. I decided I hated her head in the one on the left so I redrew it and liked it a lot better.

I added some more linework for the chains around her legs and also started sketching in her hands and feet. Then I blocked in the color on the body.

Then I moved the bubbles up nearer to her head, so it didn't look like she was emitting gasses. I also finished her hands and feet and the larger chain in the front. I decided I wanted to crop it so I blacked out the rest of the painting.

Then I actually cropped it and added hair and bubbles. Lots of bubbles. I fixed the dress so it looked better. I turned this one in for class and my professor had a few things I needed to change.

So I took his advice and added lighting to her face as well as more bubbles nearer to her body. I also added another chain running diagonally in the background in order to give it a bit more depth. 


Modernized Myth #4 - "Ys"

Yeah, you haven't seen Modernized Myth #3 yet. I skipped right to four, because I'm not done with #3 yet. But trust me, it's got death in it. No worries.

This one is from the Breton myth about the beautiful Island of Ys. This is when the King throws his daughter, Dahut, into the ocean after the island is swallowed by the sea.

Here's the Work in Progress! There are still a few more things I want to do to it.

Ys is pronounced "ees." Like "Reese."


The Land of the Dead Extended

I've been working on extending the Land of the Dead piece so it can fit on the cover of a magazine, Quarterly West, for their next issue. I think it's turned out pretty good so far! Especially because it's all digital. I've been trying to improve my digital painting skills recently.

Also, I added my boyfriend's face in there. He's in the middle, up in the front. Like...RIGHT in the middle.

So, here it is. The big block of white is where the text on the back will go.