Ys in Steps

< Here are my layers.              ^That's my palette.

First I did the background using THESE BRUSHES found at Bittbox. The best site in the world.

Then I scanned in my original linework (done with a dip pen) and put it on top of the background. I decided I hated her head in the one on the left so I redrew it and liked it a lot better.

I added some more linework for the chains around her legs and also started sketching in her hands and feet. Then I blocked in the color on the body.

Then I moved the bubbles up nearer to her head, so it didn't look like she was emitting gasses. I also finished her hands and feet and the larger chain in the front. I decided I wanted to crop it so I blacked out the rest of the painting.

Then I actually cropped it and added hair and bubbles. Lots of bubbles. I fixed the dress so it looked better. I turned this one in for class and my professor had a few things I needed to change.

So I took his advice and added lighting to her face as well as more bubbles nearer to her body. I also added another chain running diagonally in the background in order to give it a bit more depth. 


Camilla said...

That's pretty cool.

Hannah Hillam said...

Why don't you marry it then.