Scarf head.

Another Christmas break one. I was cold.

Oh, and what's with the pastels colors?! Lately I've seemed to be going with lighter colors. Huh.


Painting on Christmas

I got a block of Canson watercolor paper and some new gouache for Christmas. Here's something I did with them today.


Some new old stuff

These are all from sketchbooks from about a year ago.
Most of them are really quick, bizarre sketches. Things I draw when I'm not working on school work.

Sorry for the poor quality!

No amount of bribery could force tennis legs to cheat in the game.

Pillowlegs was upset that she didn't make callbacks.

She enjoyed showing off her new legs to the other 'shrooms.
Toaster Oven legs hadn't had a very good morning.

Exit sign legs was sick and tired of leading people out doors, so she decided to run away...

iPodlegs wanted to dance!
Robo-legs had had ENOUGH.

Creme puff legs decided that crossing the railroad tracks was a sport of imbeciles...

Decapitated cat head legs was running low on patience.

Eyelegs had to pee.
Kidneylegs couldn't find his twin anywhere.


Hazards of Love 1

did this for my Plein Aire paintings class (I know...it's not much of a landscape, but I do what I want.)

It's inspired by The Hazards of Love 1 by the Decemberists. Go listen to it.

Also I'm going to be scanning it sometime, so I'll put a better copy of it on here later.