Finished War of the Worlds

Just so you know, that thing that looks like a cigar coming out of its head, is not a cigar, but part of its leg.

I think this is finished for now. Now I get to start on the 100 or so other pieces that are part of this same project!



War of the Worlds

It took me long enough to figure out the style I wanted for this project. This is just the title page, and it's definitely NOT finished. But you get the idea.


Mary the Modern Day Medusa

I took this with the camera on my phone, so the colors are wonky. It is in prismacolor pencils.
The piece about the girl with the living hair is going well. So far I only have half of it started. I have her face, her hair, and her hand. On the right side I will be finishing the freak show tent and the posters on the fence. Her parents died when she was young, and her cruel uncle was her only living relative. He was greedy, and put her his freak show because her hair could move and think on its own.
In this she is escaping.