Modernized Myth #4 - "Ys"

Yeah, you haven't seen Modernized Myth #3 yet. I skipped right to four, because I'm not done with #3 yet. But trust me, it's got death in it. No worries.

This one is from the Breton myth about the beautiful Island of Ys. This is when the King throws his daughter, Dahut, into the ocean after the island is swallowed by the sea.

Here's the Work in Progress! There are still a few more things I want to do to it.

Ys is pronounced "ees." Like "Reese."


Tom said...

Nice work Hannah.
Have you ever thought about illustrating Judges 3:15, one of my favorites. I a little story about Ehud. Sure he's lefthanded and that may have been my initial attraction, but cool guy nonetheless.

Rachel said...

Cool. All these legends are a wee bit disturbing, but I like your illustrations.

OK, I like the legends too.