Tripod attack #1!!!

I did this at work today. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Feedback welcome.


calvin said...

I really dig the martian look.

The_Hamburglar said...

Heya. I like this too. BUT: Personally, i think that A) it looks like the foreground and background are two different images. and B) the image as a whole isn't as crisp as alot ofyour other stuff... But i really like it. I like the Woman with the rifle.

Hannah said...

Thanks, Ethan....I didn't notice until you pointed it out, but it does look like two separate images. I did the woman with the baby in a different document and then pasted it in. I think I need to make it look a bit smoother round the edges.

I think I also need to fix the rifle person, because he's a man...and I guess he looks too much like a woman. Hahah. THanks for your feedback, though, it is appreciated.