The beginnings of Ella Enchanted

For class we are illustrating a story of our choice. I chose Ella Enchanted, since I read that book about 50 times when I was younger, and a good amount when I was older, too. I have to do 9 total. Here are three of them.

In the second one, the blank space will have text. The eye bugs me in the third one.


Jessica said...

I'm liking it. Which eye bugs you? The one on the old lady in the background?

Hannah said...

Ella, the girl in the front, her right eye is driving me crazy. the pupil is off...and it just looks weird.

Becca said...

Hey I saw you drawing those! I really like them.

(Oh, um, Becca dw i. Sorry I'm stalking you)

The_Hamburglar said...


I like them a whole bundle. especially the text next to the picture. I also love the tree in the second picture. they're good.

Hannah said...

Thanks! I'm happy with how they are turning out.

Becca, that's okay that you are stalking me. Dwi'n hoffi.....*creepy smile*