Creepy Tree

Dear Diary,

Today I made art at work that i like. It's interesting how forcing yourself to finish what you start, no matter how painful it may be, results in things that you are proud of. It's not quite done yet. I still need to fix the grass, and add another headstone, and other stuff. The sky, perhaps. But I'm really happy about how it is turning out. Although, when I opened the file on this computer, the black is all sharp and jagged. It's not usually like it. It's usually softer, like the browns around it. I'll have to figure that out later.

I miss my family.



Anonymous said...

Hi I stumbled across your blog at random. I like what you said about gay marriage. Drop by and leave me a comment, yeah?

Elizabeth B. said...

hannah, are you back from Wisconsin? Did Stu and Annie come with you?