Jessica Hische

A couple weeks ago Designer Jessica Hische came to the Universtiy in neighboring town to lecture. It was awesome. SHE was awesome. I really loved everything she said, and it was nice to be able to laugh about art jokes.

I really admire her career. She is doing something so new and different, and she's doing it well. It was inspiring for me to see a woman make such a name for herself in a such male-heavy profession. I'm going into Illustration, and right now it seems like my competition is mainly women. But when you look at the business it's mostly men.

Anyway. Everyone should go and look at her site. It's fantastic. My favorite things are the Daily Drop Caps.

Here are Sean and I with Jessica. Photo credit: Kristin Gulledge.

PS. I have an internship next summer in NYC. :D


Sarah said...

An Internship in NYC? WOW! That sounds so exciting I know you'll absolutely love it...as long as you don't stay there permanently. Cause I know that's a possibility for you :D

Camilla said...

Noooo! Don't leave me! Also, it's super cool that you have a new york internship. But now I know that I'll never see you again.