Process of Branwen the Blessed

I have some of the steps I took while doing this piece. Also, I have a way better version than the one I posted yesterday. It's at the bottom.

Step One: Linework. I used brown India Ink and a calligraphy pen.
 Step 2: Starting to block in color.
 Step 3: Lighting on the arms and hands and some wall. 

 Step 4: More Lighting and an outline of the city outside the window. Also some wallpaper.

 Step 5: The Bird is here now! Playing around with the lighting.
 Step 6: Pushed the bird back a little bit. Still trying to make the lighting work.

For these last two I made her look a little more like a woman instead of a really pretty man. I also made her arm and the bird's wing break the box a bit. Her eyes aren't as weird looking, and the city looks a bit better. I replaced the rolled up note (which looked like a giant joint no matter what I did) with an unrolled note.

In this one I adjusted the saturation and put more detail into her eyes, lips, and the note.

I think there's still more to be done, but I'm happy turning this one in. 


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. Honestly, you are incredibly talented. Wow.

Judd said...

I'm confused... do you hand draw these, or draw it on a computer? Either way it's amazing though.

Hannah Hillam said...

I hand draw the line-work, and then I scan it and color it using Photoshop.