Society of Illustrator's Student Competition 2011

Today the results from the SOI competition came in and I must say, there were some AMAZING pieces! Check them all out here:  SOI Student Competition Winners.

Congratulations to two of BYU's amazing and talented artists, Liz Pulido and Tyler Carter! Their pieces are fabulous. Click on their names to check them out.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have any chosen, but now I know that I need to really step it up if this people are going to be my competition someday. I'm feeling very humbled right now.

Here are some of the many favorites of mine that were chosen this year:

By Mary Katherine Blackwell

This piece is just beautiful! I love it, and I actually want to see if I can buy a print or something from her. Lovely piece!

by Ryan Harbin

The linework on this is beautiful. I'd like to try and emulate it in my next piece.

by Lorna Yarberry 

Wow! just, wow. Once again, I love the linework and I want to try to improve my linework to this degree. Also, beautiful drapery and hair.

Night Scene
by Kristina Wayte

Lovely atmosphere in this one. Her way of showing depth in the cityscape is wonderful.

Wild Dog
Corinne Reid

This looks a little Sam Weber-esque. I love the personality and feeling in the hands. Also the composition is great too. You wouldn't think having something floating in a circular composition would work, but this totally does.

Bay at Sunset
By Denise Nadal
Colors! Composition! Linework! Everything about this is my favorite.

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